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Acqueon Insights

By Ashok N | 4, April 2018

Acqueon Insights - Turning Data Into Actionable Intelligence

Acqueon Insights delivers contact center analytics that helps you measure everything that matters within the contact center and unlock real business value from customer experience.

Multi-Channel Analytics
All analytics projects are kicked off with great expectations, yet more than half of them fail to deliver value to business. Can your contact centers leverage analytics to drive performance? Can it be integrated with other enterprise applications to gain holistic insights? Acqueon Insights makes it possible.

Gain Cross-Channel Intelligence

With Acqueon Insights you can identify trends, measure Customer Effort Score and understand Next Best Action outcomes. It is a flexible analytics platform that transforms contact centers into engagement and insight centers – by answering the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions about day-to-day customer contact operations.

Drive Operational Performance With Analytics
Acqueon Insights helps enterprises to measure everything that matters within the contact center. By integrating multiple sources of channel data such as IVR, ACD, email, chat and CRM, you can track, monitor and analyze critical contact center KPIs.

Perform Next Best Action Analysis
When integrated with the Acqueon LCM platform, Acqueon Insights can help you perform in-depth analysis on rule effectiveness across customer segments, products and channels and drive continuous improvement.

Analyze Customer Effort Score
Analyze customer effort scores by identifying factors that cause a spike in effort. It also provides a break-up of Customer Effort Scores in terms of cognitive, time and emotional factors.

Gain Critical Real-Time Insights
With Acqueon Insights’ intuitive web-based dashboard for real-time insights, you can leverage customizable dashboards and widgets to present a unified view of critical contact center KPIs across your agents and their skills.