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By Ashok N

It’s always interesting to talk with someone more active outside your region whom you might not have otherwise bumped into, had it not been Advertising Week in London this week. One discussion that I had yesterday got me thinking about how email could evolve to be far more useful in two very different ways.

Regular readers may recall this isn’t the place to come to read about how great chat bots are — certainly not based on current technology. Perhaps there may be some promise, but whenever I “chat” to a “chatbot” I can’t help but feel that all I’m getting back is search results. Try an airline chatbot, for example, and you’ll simply find that any enquiry about baggage allowance or check-in zones just comes back with a list of potential links to click on for further information — stuff you could have Googled.

This must leave customers feeling a little deflated, like me, so it was interesting to hear that email tech vendor and service provider Acqueon has been working with clients…

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