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By Ashok N

Price comparison website Ltd has been fined £80,000 by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for sending millions of emails to customers who had made it clear they didn’t want to be contacted in that way. The company sent 7.1 million emails over 10 days updating customers with its Terms and Conditions. But all the recipients had previously opted out of direct marketing. Moneysupermarket’s email included a section entitled ‘Preference Centre Update’ which read: “We hold an e-mail address for you which means we could be sending you personalised news, products and promotions. You’ve told us in the past you prefer not to receive these. If you’d like to reconsider, simply click the following link to start receiving our e-mails.” Asking people to consent to future marketing messages when they have already opted out is against the law…

.Ashish Koul, President at Acqueon said: “The fine issued by the ICO to for sending over seven million ‘nuisance’ e-mails, highlights a worrying trend of businesses failing to ensure ethical marketing activity. There is no excuse – especially considering the ready availability of technologies that can check hundreds of thousands of ‘Do Not Contact’ (DNC) records in mere seconds. Organisations that ignore customers’ rights in this way will continue to face sanctions. In addition, no customer is going to frequent a business that has been bombarding them with e-mails – especially after they’ve opted out of receiving them. Businesses must ensure compliance in all marketing campaigns – whether telephone, email, SMS, or social media. Businesses must put in place the right systems to avoid incurring further fines and annoying customers.”…

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