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By Ashok N

“As a race, we’re deeply suspicious of being spied upon,” according to Jeremy Bullmore, the advertising sage and author. “A cartoon of many years ago identified this anxiety perfectly. A man stands looking at one of those maps of a town centre to be found in car parks. A large arrow is labelled: YOU ARE HERE. And the man, clearly unnerved, is saying ‘How do they know?” Mr Bullmore, who used to run the ad agency J. Walter Thompson, recalls the joke in an essay about the perils of personalisation in the digital age, called Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should, in the recently published annual report for advertising group WPP…

Knowing where to draw the line on targeting is one of the biggest challenges facing marketers and advertisers because there has been an explosion in the volume of personal data on individuals. “Advances in technology have allowed marketers to learn more about their customers than ever before,” says Ashish Koul, president of Acqueon Technologies, a marketing automation firm, explaining how consumers are leaving digital footprints wherever they go…

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