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By Ashok N

The world is changing, and customers are demanding more in every sector. Personalised, efficient and engaging customer service is now the norm, and every industry from retail to healthcare has a vested interest in proactively engaging their customers. We are seeing large shifts towards patient centric services, as healthcare organisations are working to improve customer service. Proactive engagement allows healthcare branches to interact, build relationships and provide a greater level of care to their patients over time. As we look at the different use cases, we’ll see that proactive engagement not only results in patient satisfaction, but also provides some much-needed operational efficiency benefits.

Nice of you to show up

The NHS is facing greater pressure as patients’ demands pressures practices to deliver a higher class of service. As these practices feel the heat from rising consumer expectations, they should be focused on maximising the value of their current customers. In any clinical setting, whether it be a small GPs office or a large hospital, a large emphasis is placed on getting customers to their appointments. According to the NHS, around 1 in 10 hospital appointments are ‘did not attend’ (DNA) every year in England alone, at an estimated cost of over £1bn

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