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By Ashok N

An epidemic of medication non-compliance is causing thousands of unnecessary deaths and costing the NHS over £500 million a year. However, the NHS lacks the resources to check each individual patient is taking their pills at the right time. As a result, many are not taking their medication correctly – leading to 200,000 premature deaths in Europe a year. One way that greater medication compliance could be achieved, is by embracing the Internet of Things (IoT); a connected, smart pill box can provide a cost-effective way of ensuring patients are taking the right medicine at the right time – without the need for human interaction…

“Given that 65% of people said they missed taking medication by forgetting about it, IoT pill boxes are potentially an easy win for the NHS. Digital transformation initiatives can be complex and costly, but this kind of connected solution is more straightforward to implement, and offers immediate and tangible results. The NHS cannot afford to ignore tech solutions like this IoT pill box, in order to help it find the cost savings required to stay viable and offer first-class care,” added Ashish Koul.

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