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By Ashok N

Earlier this year we announced the availability of 2-way SMS for our LCM solution and this month we review some use cases for 2-way SMS.

First a refresher on how 2-way SMS works within the Acqueon Solutions. 2-way SMS campaigns can be configured with fixed-response sets, triggering specific outcomes based on business logic. Two-way SMS campaigns provide customers with the capability to respond to SMS messages, reducing the need for further follow-up calls.

The use cases for 2-way SMS are as varied as the businesses that use the technology to reach their increasingly mobile customers.  These three use cases demonstrate how Acqueon customers are currently using 2-way SMS as part of their customer service strategy:

  1. Community College- Mobile phones are the primary communication device for youngadults.  This higher education customer utilizes 2-way SMS to better reach prospective students and to shorten the enrollment cycle.  The result?  Higher enrollments at a lower cost.
  2. Hospital- The decreasing use of residential landlines by all age groups prompted this hospital to utilize alternate methods to confirm appointments and other follow-up patient care.  The hospital uses 2-way SMS to decrease missed appointments (lost revenues)  and to better serve their customers.
  3. County Government Agency- Many of this agency’s social services clients are without a permanent residence but reaching them is part of their mandate.  Utilizing 2-way SMS allows this agency to reach and communicate with their clients effectively and efficiently resulting in better use of government resources.

These are just a few examples.  We invite you to let us know how 2-way SMS would benefit your client’s organization.

And, as a reminder, SMS, along with voice and email can be managed interchangeably as a single strategy for customer outreach.  This eliminates the need  for multiple technology solutions and a fractured view of customer information.

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