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Acqueon releases LCM 3.1 for Cisco Enterprise Contact Center Platfor

By Ashok N | 20, October 2014

Acqueon Technologies Inc., a leader in the customer collaboration industry has released LCM 3.1, the latest iteration of its flagship outbound, list and campaign management solution. LCM supports enterprise level Cisco contact center platforms including UCCE, PCCE and HCS. LCM has helped Cisco and ATP partners win large contact center deals with heavy outbound requirements. The 3.1 release brings new features to LCM and Cisco including two-way SMS messaging and enhanced TCPA compliance measures for mobile numbers. This new functionality added to the already robust LCM outbound feature set gives Cisco outbound a key competitive advantage.

LCM enhances outbound performance by providing detailed control at multiple levels including contact selection and list segmentation, call strategy management, campaign management and business flow management. Multi-channel contact, including email and SMS messaging, was previously supported in 3.0, but with the added functionality of two-way SMS messaging, users can now both receiveand send texts as part of an outbound campaign.  SMS can be used in a standalone campaign or used interchangeably with voice and email for true omni-channel support.  Learn more on how two-way SMS messaging can work for your business.

Compliance has become a growing concern among businesses leveraging outbound campaigns for sales and marketing. With TCPA regulations becoming increasingly stringent, businesses must find a solution to stay compliant with new laws, and LCM provides this solution. LCM allows users to upload mobile numbers that have given prior express written consent in a specific database. During a campaign, these contacts will be sent to the automated dialer, whereas all other mobile numbers will be sent to agents for manual dialing.

“Acqueon is known for its proactive outbound solutions that work across any combination of channels,” said Ashok Raj, Vice President of Product Management. “We strive to offer a true unified communication experience, engaging customers with an omni-channel approach. Bringing two-way SMS functionality to the LCM solution was a logical step to provide enhanced automated self-service to Cisco Enterprise Contact Center customers.”

Acqueon provides cutting edge outbound solutions for all Cisco contact center platforms. To learn more about LCM or any of Acqueon’s outbound solutions for Cisco, visit

Think Cisco Outbound, Think Acqueon.

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