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By Ashok N

Introducing AiQ 5.1 for Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business

AiQ is a complete Contact Center solution for Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business designed to allow businesses to replace their call center with a multi-channel, Microsoft-native contact center. AiQ includes a full feature set capable of replacing any existing contact center environment. Features include:

  • Native integration via UCMA
  • Inbound ACD and IVR
  • Multi-channel capabilities (voice, SMS, chat, email, IM, social media)
  • Call back management
  • Call recording
  • Complete outbound support with predictive dialing
  • Real time analytics and historical reporting


New in 5.1

Lync client integration and softphone support

Businesses that have invested in Lync Unified Communications can now bring the same user experience into the contact center. Now with tighter integration with the familiar Lync user interface, contact center agents can handle all operations from the Lync client.

These new integrations were specifically designed to simplify administration as well as day to day agent operations. Now with 5.1, an agent logs into the AiQ system with their current Lync credentials and handles calls which are now routed directly to their Lync SIP URI.

One advantage of deploying a comprehensive Lync UC network in both the office and contact center is that presence and collaboration features are shared among the entire enterprise. This means contact center agents can consult with and transfer calls to any individual in the entire organization, whether they reside inside or outside of the contact center. Additionally, this functionality is available to remote agents. AiQ enables this outside collaboration with this new integration.

AiQ now supports three separate agent interface configurations: Lync thick client with expandable AiQ console, web browser based console with embedded Lync client and a browser based console with separate Lync and AiQ interfaces.


Real Time Supervisor Dashboard


With the addition of a graphical, real time supervisor dashboard, contact center operations can be monitored at multiple levels giving supervisors the insight needed to take corrective actions in real time.

With this dashboard supervisors can customize the exact data they would like to monitor. Thresholds and color codes can be set to each parameter indicating a warning or a breach of SLA. For example if the average call time threshold is set to 5 minutes, this widget in the dashboard can be set to display an amber alert at 4 minutes and once the SLA is breached at 5 minutes the widget will display a red alert, prompting immediate action.

This new dashboard lets supervisor proactively monitor contact center operations and take corrective actions in real time rather than acting reactively and only motoring performance reports at the end of the day.

Businesses deploying Lync Unified Communications now have a viable solution needed to extend Lync into their contact center. AiQ leverages Lync to provide businesses with a valuable, cost saving solution for customer service operations. Request a demo of AiQ 5.1 today and learn how Acqueon can transform your contact center.

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