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By Ashok N

AiQ 5.0 is a complete Contact Center Solution for the Microsoft Lync unified communications platform designed with cutting edge features to help businesses serve their customers while building better relationships. AiQ not only provides support for running multi-channel inbound operations in the contact center, but also provides robust outbound capabilities with a predictive dialer and advanced list and campaign management capabilities. AiQ also delivers the ability to blend agents executing outbound campaigns while simultaneously receiving inbound calls, increasing agent productivity.

Outbound Marketing

AiQ’s outbound module can increase the effectiveness of call centers of all sizes. Dialer capabilities range from preview, to progressive to predictive dialing. AiQ’s automated dialer capabilities increase agent efficiency and decrease agent idle time by speeding up the dialing process in preview and progressive modes. For predictive modes, AIQ’s dialer eliminates manual dialing and idle time while a call connects. A predictive dialer dials multiple numbers based on the percentage of calls connected while simultaneously anticipating the right time to make additional calls based on average call length. Adding AiQ’s outbound module to your operation will help you attain your business objectives quickly and effectively while maintaining a positive experience for your clients. Other outbound features include multi-channel support, list and campaign management, do not call list, time zone management and more.

AiQ is a true comprehensive contact center solution designed to integrate seamlessly in a Microsoft Lync environment and provide support for inbound operations matched with powerful outbound capabilities featuring a predictive dialer.

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