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By Ashok N

U-Nexsys is Acqueon’s newest outbound solution for Cisco. U-Nexsys is a list and campaign management solution for the Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) 10.5 platform leveraging the new predictive dialer in 10.5. Working together, U-Nexsys and UCCX bring enterprise-grade outbound functionality to the SMB Contact Center market.

Customers are upgrading to UCCX 10.5 and implementing U-Nexsys for complete, single platform, outbound support. Learn how a US based law firm is using U-Nexsys, which is replacing the existing hosted Contact Center platform, to engage prospective clients and support inbound call center operations with immediate call back.

This law firm uses outbound in the Contact Center to engage prospective clients for class-action or personal injury litigation. Personal Injury litigation comprises the majority of the firm’s business with additional areas of practice as well. The customer ‘s contact center consists of 10 outbound agents using voice as the current channel of contact and more than 75 inbound/support agents managing customer response. There were a number of reasons the firm brought the Contact Center in-house but chief among them was the ability to have more direct control over the quality and cost of their customer experience.  The Cisco Express platform provides a comprehensive inbound and outbound Contact Center solution for customers who need in an easy to deploy platform.  Acqueon’s U-Nexsys solution gives customers who need more flexible outbound campaign management, a toolset to manage contact lists, structure flexible campaigns and deploy precise call strategies.

Using the predictive dialing capabilities in UCCX, the law firm is able to directly improve agent efficiency and productivity, engaging agents with prospective clients rather than spending time dialing and waiting to connect with the client.  Above that, centralized and segmented reporting delivered by UCCX but augmented by U-Nexsys shows where the successes and challenges are in the call strategy so that necessary adjustments can be made to meet business objectives.

Powerful dialing modes such as power and predictive can still be inefficient without a quality, targeted list of contacts. U-Nexsys provides administrators with tools to compile highly targeted contact lists by filtering contacts from an existing list or lists and then prioritizing those contacts to be sent to the dialer based on customized values. U-Nexsys can then be used to set campaign parameters as well as a detailed, multi-channel call/contact strategy to ensure agents connect with the right contacts at the right time.

Another challenge the law firm faced was high customer abandonment rates.  Periodically, during peak inbound times or after a major marketing campaign, call queue wait times became long.  Potential clients, who represent valuable new business for the firm would disconnect before talking with an agent.  With U-Nexsys those clients aren’t lost.  The IVR can capture the ANI (phone number) directly or prompt for name and phone number for a return call.  These records can be fed into the outbound agent groups and prioritized to the top for near immediate callback and connect.  If any of those prospects were scheduled for another outbound call during the day, that contact attempt would be automatically canceled.

This legal firm has achieved their objectives for the solution implementation.  They are able to directly manage the quality of service potential clients experience when calling in, their agent resources are used more efficiently, and they are getting higher connect rates with clients.  In summary, this solution is key to the growth of their business.

Acqueon specializes in developing outbound solutions that maximize agent efficiency, right party contacts and market penetration. Acqueon provides a suite of outbound solutions for all Cisco Contact Center platforms. To learn more about U-Nexsys or any of Acqueon’s outbound solutions for Cisco visit


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