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By Ashok N



In this series, we will explore the benefits of automated dialing technology for organizations looking to upgrade their Contact Center strategy. Whether preview, power, or predictive, the addition of an automated dialer can dramatically improve agent utilization and prove financially beneficial to that Contact Center. Acqueon Technologies, leveraging our experience across different business verticals and Contact Center sizes, will provide a comprehensive look at each dialer option to help determine which is best for your unique customer contact strategy.

In any Contact Center, regardless of function, the single most valuable and expensive element in that operation are the agents. They are what drive sales, cure delinquency, satisfy customer requests, and ultimately provide the main source of revenue for their companies. Now, even though they are the corner stone of any Contact Center, they are also universally devalued and underutilized through labor intensive business processes and inefficient technology.

With this in mind, the single most effective way to maximize utilization of this resource in any contact center is through the use of an automated dialer. Immediate and sustained increases in the target metric, agent utilization, can be between 5-20% depending on both the business vertical and the technology adoption.

Acqueon_bloggraphic_thoughtleadership_quote1Automated dialers come in various flavors with different feature/function sets but what they are all designed to do is eliminate the time an agent spends NOT talking to customers. This time savings, maybe just a few seconds per call, adds up to minutes, then hours, and then even a full additional FTE. Now, before we start calculating the actual cost/benefit of running an automated dialer over agents dialing manually, we need to make it clear what an automated dialer is.

At a very base level, an automated dialer is a mechanism that integrates into a Contact Centers phone/IVR system and, well, automates dialing. This means that instead of an agent dialing the 10 digits of a phone number, it is done systematically and the call is presented to that agent either as the phone is ringing or as the customer is saying Hello. There are three main types of dialing present on these systems that allow for this: Preview, Power, and Predictive.

Customer behavior varies, some need more contact attempts for your business to gather the desired response (Payment, Sale, Retention, Welcome, really anything) and others need fewer. The decision of which dialing Mode is utilized can be exclusive to one type or a mixture of multiple types to provide your customers the interaction that will help them say YES.

Each dialing mode has its place in a Contact Centers outbound strategy and this series is designed to help determine which one or ones are right for your business and will drive efficiency and success metric improvements, providing the highest rate of Return on Investment.

WHATS UP NEXT: In the next series, we will be discussing Preview Dialing, the most High Touch and customer oriented method of using an automated Dialer. This mode is often the first step in proving the value to the Business Owners helping them more readily adopt the technology.

Acqueon develops outbound solutions for Cisco Enterprise and Express Contact Center platforms. Acqueon solutions provide advanced list and campaign management to Cisco outbound platforms, letting businesses manage contact selection and list segmentation, campaign management and call strategy. To learn more about Acqueons outbound solutions for Cisco visit or contact [email protected].

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