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By Ashok N



In this series, we will explore the benefits of automated dialing technology for organizations looking to upgrade their customer service strategy. Whether preview, power, or predictive, the addition of a dialer can greatly maximize agent utilization and prove financially beneficial to a contact center. Acqueon Technologies will guide this comprehensive look at each dialer option to help determine which is best for your unique customer service strategy.

Acqueon_bloggraphic_In-Post_dialer_2Preview Dialing is when the dialer places a call to the target AFTER an agent is reserved for a phone call.  This agent would usually have a set amount of time to preview the call prior to execution and may even have the ability to cancel the call and then go to the next record.

This dialing mode is the least efficient from an outbound productivity perspective but it does offer the capability to blend inbound and outbound calling, provide end-to-end reporting of the agent’s time and performance, and eliminates the agent from having to physically dial the phone.  Industry metrics often put this mode at around a +5% in agent productivity.


With this understanding of what an automated dialer can do and how it affects the day-to-day process of an agent in a contact center, we can extrapolate value based on some very conservative assumptions.

  1. An agent’s fully loaded value to the contact center is $800 per hour.  This means that not only what they cost but also what they bring in for the company through sales/retention/collections.
  2. The agents are full time dialer agents, or 8 hours per day
  3. This contact center is open 252 days per year

With a productivity increase of 2.5-5%, you can calculate your annual benefit based on the number of agents in your contact center and their value per day. Automated dialing saves crucial, valuable seconds in each call, amounting to a shocking amount of time and money saved over a year’s time.


Be sure to read up on the previous posts in this series to get a full understanding of our dialer breakdown. Last week, we spoke about the importance of agent utilization in an age where manual dialing is quickly becoming obsolete.

WHAT’S UP NEXT: Stay tuned for our upcoming post, where we break down the uses and financial benefits of incorporating our next mode, power dialing, into your customer service strategy. Power dialing can achieve a 7.5%-10% agent productivity increase, resulting in a dramatic annual benefit.

Acqueon develops outbound solutions for Cisco Enterprise and Express Contact Center platforms. Acqueon solutions provide advanced list and campaign management to Cisco outbound platforms, letting businesses manage contact selection and list segmentation, campaign management and call strategy. To learn more about Acqueon’s outbound solutions for Cisco visit or contact [email protected].

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