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By Ashok N

By: Joe Pratt

Industry: Healthcare

ABC Healthcare is sending out flu vaccination reminders to their entire enrollment, reminding them to make an appointment before March 31st with their Primary Care Physician. The initial communication for these contact records will be an SMS message with a call follow-up after 7 days if no response is received.

The SMS message will provide the customer with a way to immediately respond rather than waiting for that follow-up call based on the following text message:

ABC Healthcare reminder: Please contact your PCP to schedule an appointment for your flu shot before March 31. If you would like us to schedule an appointment with one of our agents reply: SCHEDULE. If you have already made your appointment reply: DONE

If the customer replies “SCHEDULE” then the record will be moved from the SMS campaign over to the agent based campaign and a call will be made immediately to the provided cell phone number for an appointment.

If the customer replies “DONE” then the record will be marked as complete and the disposition code (from the SMS) will be provided back to the Host to update the customer record.

Any other response back from the customer other than the predefined “SCHEDULE” or “DONE” will result in a second SMS stating:

Please reply with either SCHEDULE to make an appointment or DONE if you have already made one. Thank you.

Assuming that no valid response (or no response) is received, then the initial successful SMS result will be sent back to the Host and the record will appear in the download file for a follow-up call 7 days later.

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