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By Ashok N

Cutting edge outbound contact center technology is being leveraged by businesses as a flexible and powerful method to connect with current and prospective customers. This new technology lets businesses provide value to their customers by delivering timely and pertinent information via multiple channels of contact. In addition to providing proactive customer service, businesses can leverage outbound technology to support inbound lead generation campaigns as well as drive collections campaigns for month over month revenue gains. Businesses operating in the financial sector are positioned to benefit greatly from the implementation of a comprehensive outbound platform.

Acqueon’s outbound solutions for Cisco are designed to: (1) Give businesses a competitive edge by enhancing customer outreach capabilities, ultimately improving customer service. (2) Optimize outbound campaign performance while reducing idle time and reducing demand on agent resources.

Support inbound lead generation with priority callback

Businesses in retail banking often advertise special deals on various accounts and services (home financing offers, special deals on credit applications, special deals for opening checking accounts, etc.). These specials can be promoted via the web, ATMs, kiosks and direct mailings. When customers are interested in these offers they will submit a form or notification via any of these advertisements. Through the customer’s submission, Acqueon LCM can process the data and immediately move their information into an outbound campaign for an immediate call. This ensures that leads are contacted while they are hot and most likely to convert.

Improve customer service with SMS messaging

With SMS becoming a preferred method of contact, businesses are increasing their use of SMS messaging to reach customers. Executing SMS campaigns requires minimal resources and can be performed at a fraction of the cost of a traditional agent outbound calling campaign. From a customer service perspective SMS holds tremendous value for retail banks. Banks can provide customers with notifications on upcoming payments or late payments as well as special offers. Additionally, two way SMS messages can be used to gather information needed to determine whether the interaction should be escalated to a phone call.

2 Way SMS

With the introduction of two way SMS messaging in LCM 3.1, customers can now respond to SMS messages using fixed response sets. A typical 2 way SMS interaction may look like this:

ABC Bank sends an SMS message to Customer X “ABC Bank is offering special home financing offers to all current banking customers. If you would like to speak with a representative about this offer please respond yes to this message.”

When the customer responds with a “Yes” the customer will then be moved into a voice campaign for an agent to contact and follow up on the offer.

Proactive outbound communication continues to grow as a top customer service trend. As new technology continues to push the boundaries of traditional outbound applications, businesses will find new ways to deliver innovative proactive service. Cisco enterprise contact center platforms enhanced with Acqueon LCM provide cutting edge outbound functionality rivaling top competitive platforms on the market. LCM’s robust feature set drives ROI in multiple business applications within the financial sector. To learn more about Acqueon’s outbound solutions for Cisco enterprise and express platforms visit or contact [email protected].

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