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By Ashok N

Acqueon’s Unify is a full-spectrum outbound solution for the Cisco UCCX platform. Unify incorporates a predictive dialer, email and SMS outbound capabilities as well as advanced list and campaign management capabilities into a solution that tightly integrates to the UCCX platform and supports agent blending. Beyond traditional uses of outbound including telemarketing or collections, these capabilities help businesses target customers for specific purposes such as delivering information or service to a customer before the customer even requests it.  This proactive customer service is rapidly becoming an expectation from consumers; businesses in all industries are using outbound to deliver a better more proactive customer experience.

The latest iteration of Unify, 5.0 features expanded list and campaign management capabilities, broadening the functionality of this feature rich solution.

At the list level Unify allows for very specific and detailed contact selection. Contact selection filters based on business strategies as well as simple to complex queries give you powerful, detail oriented tools to pick quality contacts for specific campaigns. If you have an existing list, contacts can be uploaded automatically or manually for even greater list customization. Multiple numbers are supported for each contact letting you reach people at home, work or on mobile. Selected contacts can then be scrubbed against a federal DNC as well as internal DNC, ensuring your list is optimized for success. Once your list is completed, the campaign can be set to run during specific hours and on specific days. Also included in Unify 5.0 is improved reporting.

Whether you’re running a sales campaign or providing outbound customer service, it is critical to track and analyze certain metrics. Percentage of bad numbers, percentage of unreachable contacts and contacts per hour are all metrics that can be improved with effective list and campaign management reporting.

Users who upgrade to Unify 5.0 will notice a completely new user interface. Icons replace the tabs, making the interface similar to other desktop applications agents, supervisors and administrators are familiar with.  The new, intuitive interface reduces training time and administrative effort to set up and manage campaigns.

Implementing Unify with your Cisco UCCX platform will improve the success of outbound campaigns as well as increase the efficiency of the contact center. Agents will spend LESS time executing outbound campaigns with GREATER success.

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