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AiR for Cisco CCE

Acqueon Intuitive Response Predictive Analytics NEW!

Air enables businesses to deliver personalized service to their customers on a mass scale for a best in class customer experience. By analyzing customer data from multiple sources AiR can predict customer intent upon onset of the interaction and preemptively provide a personalized solution. Customers calling into the contact center inquiring about recent issues with a services, products, experiences, etc. will be greeted by messages addressing these very issues.

Customer interactions in the contact center typically begin with the gathering of information around the identity of the customer and the reason for reaching out to the business. Often times this information is already available to the business in various siloed databases. Acqueon AiR integrates and analyzes multiple customer data sources in real time to predict customer intent. This Intelligence is used proactively reach out to customers or to provide personalized service upon an inbound customer interaction.


Acqueon AiR

AiR integrates and analyzes customer data sources to reveal needs, behaviors and past interactions to gain a contextual understanding of the current interaction. These integrates can be enabled across various data sources and platforms including CRM, contact center, databases, and back end systems. Additionally, AiR can be implemented in any vertical to provide a personalized customer service experience on a mass scale.

How is AiR Unique?

By integrating technology with expertise around contact center and customer service, AiR delivers beneficial outcomes for both businesses and customers.

  • Businesses leverage data to deliver enhanced customer experiences across channels
  • Customers enjoy an efficient and productive service experience

Business Benefits

Customers Benefit from AiR

AiR enables highly personalized, context driven interactions.

AiR ensures businesses:

  • Understand each customer’s needs
  • Accurately and efficiently address customer needs
  • Reach customers proactively when needed
  • Simplify customer interactions
  • Deliver quick, satisfactory self-service interactions


Businesses Benefit from AiR

AiR enhances customer experience to provide competitive differentiation and strategic value.

AiR ensures businesses:

  • Leverage customer data
  • Address customer needs proactively
  • Differentiate through enhanced customer experience
  • Improve customer satisfaction

deliver mass personalized service