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LCM for Cisco Unified CCE

LCM for Cisco UCCE, PCCE and HCS


LCM provides powerful list and campaign management capabilities to Cisco Enterprise contact center platforms. In addition to list and campaign management, LCM brings multi-channel capabilities to Cisco’s outbound platform including SMS and Email channels.

Cutting-Edge Features

Two-Way SMS Messaging

Two-way SMS campaigns can be configured with fixed-response sets, triggering specific outcomes based on business logic. Two-way SMS campaigns provide customers with the capability to respond to SMS messages, reducing the need for further follow-up calls. SMS messaging can be used in a stand-alone campaign or integrated with voice and email, providing true, omni-channel functionality. Campaign configuration is streamlined with a graphical user interface.

TCPA Compliance

The latest TCPA outbound regulatory requirements mandate that businesses contacting wireless numbers via an automated dialer must obtain prior express written consent.

Agent/Executive Mapped Contacts

Specialized or high-value customer segments often require personalized care.

Priority Callback from External Sources Like Web, ATM, Kiosk, Etc.

Communicate with existing or potential customers quickly from anywhere.

Salesforce Connectivity

Integrate CRM and contact center platforms with Salesforce.com connectivity via LCM.


Contact Selection

LCM uses contact selection algorithms and filters to target specific contact segments. Users can even go as far as to segment specific contacts in a single column by specifying values. Contact lists can be shared across multiple campaigns and campaign groups.

List Segmentation

Using advanced contact selection methods, contacts can be selected from multiple lists. Users can prioritize contacts from each list in the order or percentage they are to be sent to the dialer.

Campaign Management

Customize broad campaign parameters such as campaign runtime (customizable to the week, day and even hour), establish time zone management and set a holiday schedule (national and state level).

Call Strategy Management

Assigning a call strategy in each campaign lets users set call prioritization and retry strategies for each phone number and contact channel. Set multiple numbers per contact (home, mobile, business, etc.) as well as email and numbers exclusively for SMS messaging.

Omni Channel

Perform email and SMS campaigns or integrate both channels with traditional voice campaigns as part of the call strategy. SMS messaging includes the use of 2 way SMS.

Business Flow Management

Users can assign specific business and call outcomes to each campaign. The outcome of each call can then be recorded by the agent and based on that outcome, contacts can be automatically moved to alternate campaigns.


Upload DNC lists for each campaign to ensure your campaigns do not reach an unintended, unauthorized segment.

Finesse Desktop Support

LCM integrates with the finesse agent desktop via multiple widgets. This integration lets users handle outbound calls using Cisco and LCM, all within the familiar finesse interface.

Business Benefits

Proactively reach your customers

Provide information to customers on a proactive rather than reactive basis. This outbound strategy increases customer satisfaction and lowers inbound call volume.

Maintain campaign compliance

Maintain compliance with calling regulations such as TCPA and Ofcom with DNC list upload and compliance modules. Additionally, time zone management and holiday schedule ensures calls are always made at appropriate times.

Increase right party contacts

A comprehensive call strategy combined with a campaign management settings assures your outbound campaigns will achieve a greater number of right party contacts.

Get the most from your Cisco investment

Maximize your Cisco investment by leveraging LCM as a natural extension of your Cisco outbound platform.



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