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Customer Journey Analytics for
Real-Time Monitoring

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Acqueon Insights enables faster business decisions by integrating data from multiple channels. It comes equipped with modules for Operational Performance, Next Best Actions, and Customer Effort Score analysis, along with a Real-Time Insights Dashboard.

Keep An Eye On Everything That Matters

Track, monitor, and analyze all critical contact center KPIs to perform operational analysis. Integrate data from multiple channel sources such as IVR, ACD, email, chat, and social media to identify new trends and patterns.

Drive An Effortless Customer Experience

Analyze cognitive, time, and emotional effort to identify factors that cause sudden spikes in customer effort. Effectively drill down CE scores using parameters like product, region, or segment to reduce overall effort.

Automate Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Orchestrate campaign execution by scheduling business rules, segmenting and prioritizing contact channels, and handling multi-channel responses. Integrate with back-office processes to automate communication-enabled business processes.

Edge Out Your Competition With Real-Time Insights

Gain insights from simple, intuitive, and customized web-based dashboards with advanced visualization. Get a unified view of critical contact center KPIs, agent performance, skills, and precisions queues. Offer better guidance for agents, alert managers when incidents take place.


Get the pulse of contact center and agent performance in a single dashboard – with Acqueon Real-Time Insights.

Build Dashboards In Minutes

Simply drag and drop elements from a repository of templates and widgets without having to code

Gain Unified Reporting

Analyze and unify daily statistics with historical data, group multiple sheets and automate slideshows

Perform Supervisory Functions

Silently monitor calls, barge-in and manage escalation. Get visual alerts for threshold breaches.

Be Data-driven Anywhere, Anytime

Access dashboards on the go across devices. Share reports, set-up wallboards or embed within the Cisco Finesse desktop

Reduce Manual Reporting

Generate sophisticated reports in minutes and reduce reporting effort by 60% – without additional training

Simple yet advanced UX

Perform any analytical tasks by the click of the mouse, drive productivity and make informed decisions.

Dynamic Ad-Hoc Reporting

Create ad-hoc reports from historic data minimizing dependency on report developers. Choose from an array of graphical formats to identify trends and patterns

Unified Dashboard

Integrate self- contained siloes from different channels with quality monitoring systems, workforce management solutions and enterprise applications.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Use an easy-to-deploy, single box solution that comes with neither additional development or training expenses nor additional database licenses; reducing TCO.



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