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Acqueon Engagement Cloud (AEC), a cloud-based outbound / omnichannel engagement platform built native to Amazon Connect, providing a reliable, scalable, secure, and pay-as-you-go platform.

Acqueon Engagement Cloud to your Amazon Connect instance


Acqueon Engagement Cloud to your Amazon Connect instance


Acqueon Engagement Cloud to your Amazon Connect instance


Blended Omnichannel Engagements
Acqueon Engagement Cloud enables you to leverage omnichannel engagement across voice, email, bi-directional SMS, and in-app push notification to reach customers. With multi-channel communications, you will be able to actively reach out to customers.
Right Party Connect
Acqueon Engagement Cloud is powered by advanced List and Campaign Management system that handles the outbound solutions using business oriented strategies that achieves the desired business outcomes and improve right party connects. AEC is powered with a fully automated business work flow that helps you to execute campaigns and optimize cost of service delivery.
CRM Connector
Leverage your native Salesforce instance via Classic or Lightning integrated views to improve and unify the inbound / blended / outbound agent experience within the CRM platform. Native API elements provide data integration for Campaign Control.
Regulatory Compliance
Companies suffer humungous loss due to State and Federal regulations non-conformity. Acqueon Engagement Cloud supports the growing Federal, State, and Domain specific regulations such as TCPA that reduces the chances of any regulatory infiltration.
Features & Benefits
Power your existing investments with a pool of features
SaaS Based
Suite your smaller operations with our solutions designed to meet your business needs
Facilitates deployment in a hosted environment by creating tenants for individual contacts for a centralized Cisco system
List Segmentation
Set percentages for different filters in a filter group and distribute contacts to dialer across different business segments
Cloud Options
Minimize investments on hardwares with zero upfront capital investments with our cloud based solution
Auto Schedule Campaign Runtime
Auto schedule the specific hours of operation or shift timings for each day for the campaign
Pre-Call Scripting
Check business conditions in real time before sending the contacts to the dialer for campaign execution
Subscription Model
No upfront capital investment on expensive solutions. Pay as you go as per your requirement
Contact Selection Strategy
For each day of the week and each hour of the day, an appropriate CSS can be selected to deliver contacts to the dialer
Campaign Chaining
Redefine and reschedule the time in days/hours/minutes for contact dialing based on set business outcome
Multi-Lingual Support
Multi-lingual support for selected languages to better understand and implement the features
Regional/State Laws Compliance
Define calling times for contacts from specific regions or states by simply specifying their zip code
Auto Reports
Auto schedule reports and have them delivered through email to gain timely insights
User/Role Management
Option to define roles, associate rights to the roles and support for active directory integration
Campaign Configuration
Create categories for a campaign and associate both telephony and business outcomes to that category
Campaign Target Monitoring
Set daily or weekly or monthly targets to a category to meet requirements of the business
OmniChannel Support
Support for multiple calling numbers like home, mobile, office, etc. to be configured for individual contacts for each campaign
Define Contact Lifecyle
Offer complete control of the contact life cycle based on the number of retries or business outcomes
Customised Business Outcomes
Configure and activate multiple business outcomes or dispositions for each campaign to meet business requirements
Agent Pop-up
Displays gadgets with client information to agents on the Cisco Finesse desktop for improved agent productivity
DNC List Management
Option to manage federal or national-level DNC and corporate wide DNC list separately to minimize uneccessary lawsuits
Group telephony and business outcomes across campaigns to build customized reporting, against KPIs and business fields
Adaptation for Prior Express Written Consent to conform to regulations set by TCPA, hence reduce lawsuits
Time Zone Management
Based on the contact zone, specify time zones for individual contacts or define ‘Area Specific Time Zone’
Contact Selection Algorithm
Offers powerful contact selection algorithms based on market strategy to increase market spread or market penetration
Contact Prioritization
Define conditions to be used as part of contact selection strategy and prioritize the contacts in each campaign
Business Enablers
Add contacts into the directory from lead sources like kiosks, ATMs, etc using web services
Manage and Scrub Contacts
Manage and move contacts across campaigns and scrub them automatically based on defined custom conditions
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