Solutions that connects patients, physicians, and healthcare service providers seamlessly and enabling them to establish a personalized conversation.

360-degree View of the Customer

With our unique ability to integrate with native CRM platforms, you can have complete view on the patients details such as health reports, physician assigned, prescription, and checkup schedules on-the-go and help take necessary decisions.

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Execution of Transactions

With our robust communication platform, the relevant reminders are dispatched to the patients such as bill payments with the ability that enables the customers to perform the respective tasks on-the-go without the intervention of the agents.

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Alerts and Reminders on All Sides

Health tips and information notification and reminders help institutions gain the trust and loyalty of the patients. With our solutions, touch the lives of the patients in real time via relevant proactive communications and interact with the patients across multiple channels.

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Bridge between Physicians and Patients

It is critical to meet the advices and recommendations of the physicians to make sure the wellness of the patients. With our proactive engagement solution, you can analyze the schedule of your patients and engage with them proactively to make sure they meet the physicians’ recommendations.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Communicate with custom built IoTs to create unique experiences such as medicine reminders in case of a default, automated prescription refill notification and its backend processes, etc to create a unique connected digital experience for your patients.

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Monitor Growth Real Time

The business models in our solutions truly understands the impact of the campaigns in your business. With the brilliant combination of our state-of-the-art analytic capabilities and simple view dashboards, you get closer insight on the revenue and patient profiling for further optimization.

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