Enabling autonomous business processes for optimising service delivery cost and improving customer experience through RPA and proactive engagement with minimal human intervention

Business Process Automation

Automation not only decreases service costs, but also reduces the scope of errors. Implement Communication Enabled Business Process (CEBP) automation or Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for improved productivity with Acqueon solutions.

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Automated Campaign Execution

Integrate with your native CRM systems such as Salesforce, MS Dynamics and execute automated campaigns based on set business goals to reduce service delivery cost and increase agent productivity with minimum human intervention.

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Sending relevant campaigns to customer at relevant time increases the probability of sales conversion and effectiveness of these campaigns. Trigger real time campaigns for enhanced business needs based on customer location and customer profile with our solutions.

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Campaign Balancing

Agents are multi-skilled and can be utilized to serve customers not matching their primary skills during peak periods. With our automated Campaign Balancing features, improve agent productivity by chaining agents among campaigns based on the priority of their skills.

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IoT Integration

IoTs are changing the business processes and hence creating digitally connected experience for customer. Transform business models by leveraging IoT data feeds and integrating them with our solutions to create unique customer engagement processes.

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