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AiQ for Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business

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AiQ for Lync/Skype for Business

Microsoft brings an unparalleled Unified Communications environment and user experience to businesses of all sizes. AiQ is Acqueon’s Contact Center solution for Lync/Skype for Business. AiQlets businesses extend this UC platform into the Contact Center, allowing agents to leverage the intuitive, collaborative features Lync/Skype for Business provides.


Context Awareness

Knowing the customer and how they prefer to interact with the organization

AiQ interfaces with corporate systems to bring customer information to agent fingertips so that each interaction can be intelligent, efficient, and concluded successfully with no unnecessary follow-up. Context awareness is also understanding what media the customer chooses to use – voice, email, or SMS and providing them support via that media.

Intuitive Interactions

AiQ intelligently routes customers to the right agent the first time to provide them service. Sometimes this means knowing why the customer is calling even before the agent says hello.

The universal queue engine used in AiQ routes requests coming not only from the voice channel but also chat, email and SMS. Every contact with your business will be delivered to the agent best suited to handle the request.

ProActive Reach

Intelligently providing service to the customer on a proactive, rather than reactive, basis.

By allowing agents to contact their customers before their customers contact them, ProActive Reach not only prevents heavy influxes of inbound calls, but instills a customer-centric point of view in every interaction. Delivering customer service on a proactive, rather than reactive basis is a growing customer service trend that is used to increase customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty.

AIQ: A Complete Contact Center Solution


Inbound call routing based on availability and skill ensures customers are connected with the agent best suited to provide first call resolution. AiQ inbound routing supports all channels of contact.


AiQ supports multiple channels of contact, giving customers the choice of how they would like to interact with your business. AiQ supports voice, SMS, chat, email and social media.


AiQ provides call recording capabilities for both inbound and outbound calls, letting supervisors monitor quality across all contact center operations.


AiQ, leveraging Lync/Skype for Business Lync lets agents collaborate with employees in the entire organization whether they reside inside or outside of the contact center. Agents can use IM, conference and call transfer within Lync to leverage expertise within the entire organization. Additionally all of these features are accessible to remote agents.


Interactive voice response provides your business with an automated solution to handle incoming calls and provide agents with the proper context as to why the customer is contacting the business.


AiQ integrates natively with Lync/Skype for Business via UCMA, acting as a natural extension of the UC platform. AiQ also integrates directly with the client and softphone letting agents enjoy the full Lync/Skype for Business user experience and functionality.


Provide customer service on a proactive rather than reactive basis and reach customers via multiple channel: voice, SMS and email. AiQ includes a powerful predictive dialer along with advanced list and campaign management capabilities for large enterprise-grade outbound performance. Agent blending is also supported allowing single agents to handle inbound and outbound calls concurrently.


A robust supervisor dashboard provides real time monitoring and advanced insight into Contact Center performance. Multiple historical reports can be accessed as well, providing Contact Center analytics over specified periods of time.

Business Benefits

Maximize Your Lync/Skype for Business Investment

AiQ lets businesses consolidate their communications infrastructure by eliminating the need for a separate vendor platform in the contact center. This eliminates unnecessary service costs and frees up IT resources. Additionally, with AiQ in the contact center agents can leverage the intuitive, collaborative features Lync/Skype for Business provides.

Improve First Call Resolution

Intelligent call routing, call conference and transfer, presence and instant messaging are all features which give agents the tools needed to provide the customer with a resolution within a single interaction.

Meet Growing Customer Demands

Customers are increasingly expecting personalized, flexible and proactive service. Multi-channel support gives customers options as to how they would prefer to interact with your business. Complete outbound support lets your business provide customer service on a proactive rather than reactive basis.

Lower TCO Compared to Similar Platforms

When compared to competitive platforms, AiQ consistently holds a lower TCO



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