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Acqueon Joins Cisco SolutionsPlus

By sudha | 22, September 2017

Acqueon’s LCM and U-Nexsys products for UCCE, PCCE, HCS, and UCCX are now available through Cisco SolutionsPlus. Acqueon Technologies Inc., a leader in omni-channel proactive customer engagement is pleased to announce that it has joined the Cisco SolutionsPlus program. Acqueon’s membership in SolutionsPlus further builds on its long standing relationship with Cisco, providing integrated solutions […]

Personalization: don’t get too close because it’s creepy

By sudha | 22, September 2017

Personalization: don’t get too close because it’s creepy There’s a fine line between skilful targeting of personalised ads and getting too close for comfort “As a race, we’re deeply suspicious of being spied upon,” according to Jeremy Bullmore, the advertising sage and author. “A cartoon of many years ago identified this anxiety perfectly. A man […]

A Satisfied Patient: How Proactive Engagement can benefit the NHS?

By sudha | 22, September 2017

The world is changing, and customers are demanding more in every sector. Personalised, efficient and engaging customer service is now the norm, and every industry from retail to healthcare has a vested interest in proactively engaging their customers. We are seeing large shifts towards patient centric services, as healthcare organisations are working to improve customer […]

Acqueon announces the release of the LCM 4.0

By sudha | 13, December 2016

Acqueon is pleased to announce the general availability of List and Campaign Manager (LCM) 4.0 for Cisco UCCE, UCCX, PCCE and HCS.