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Acqueon announces U-Nexsys for UCCX 10.5

By Ashok N | 28, July 2014

Acqueon Technologies Inc., a leader in the customer collaboration industry has released U-Nexsys, an outbound solution for the new Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 10.5 platform. U-Nexsys provides advanced list and campaign management features to the Express platform, enhancing outbound capabilities and performance. U-Nexsys also leverages the new predictive dialer (as well as other dialing modes) and seamlessly integrates with the Finesse Agent Desktop, acting as natural extension of UCCX.

Any outbound campaign must optimize contact selection, campaign management and call strategy management to increase right party contacts and agent productivity. Using advanced features at each of these levels, U-Nexsys maximizes yield from contact data and increases the overall performance of outbound campaigns.

“In the new era of customer experience management, anticipating a customer’s needs and reaching out proactively through a channel of the customer’s choice are vital parts of any customer engagement model,” said Ashok Raj, Vice President of Product Management. “With UCCX now supporting predictive dialing, along with an API for easy integration, it was natural for Acqueon to bring large enterprise-grade contact lifecycle management capabilities to the commercial and SME segments.”

For a limited time, Acqueon will be offering five free U-Nexsys licenses to all UCCX 10.5 customers. If you’re a new 10.5 customer and would like to request this offer, or if you would like to learn more about the offer, please visit

Acqueon now offers a comprehensive suite of outbound solutions for all Cisco contact center platforms. LCM 3.0 now supports UCCE, PCCE and HCS, while the Unify and U-Nexsys products support the Contact Center Express platform. To learn more about U-Nexsys or any of Acqueon’s outbound solutions for Cisco, please visit

About Acqueon Technologies

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