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Acqueon introduces Unify for Cisco UCCX with Critical Outbound Features

By Ashok N | 14, December 2012

Acqueon Technologies Announces its Newest Application: Unify for Cisco UCCX

Unify incorporates various additional features that increases right party contacts, connecting the right callers to the right agents for effective call outcomes. Princeton, NJ (I-Newswire) January 11, 2012 – Acqueon Technologies Inc., a leader in targeted software solutions for the customer interaction management industry, today announced its newest application: Unify for Cisco UCCX. Unify incorporates various additional features that leverage the existing infrastructure and investment of Cisco UCCX or UCM for outbound call campaigns.

The application is comprised of four major components: (1) a predictive multimedia dialer, (2) filters for list optimization, (3) campaign manager functionality and (4) agent and supervisor productivity tools. In addition, Unify supports compliance with Federal and State telemarketing regulations.

The dialer provides various pacing modes including predictive as well as power, progressive and preview. Multimedia pacing modes allow contact switching across voice campaigns, SMS, email, and back to voice again. Outcome analysis automatically detects success or failure of calls, emails and SMS. Unify increases right party contacts, connecting the right callers to the right agents for effective call outcomes.

An extensive array of list optimization tools monitor the life cycle of a contact from its initial selection and allow for filtering based on two criteria: (1) business parameters or callback and (2) rescheduled, closed, or blocked contacts.

With campaign management capabilities, the user is able to define various properties across the campaign such as run-time, pacing mode, strategy, and business outcome.

Productivity tools such as supervisor dashboard enable managers to monitor outbound campaign objectives. Team leaders can better assist their agents through features including Barge-In, Message Broadcast, and Call Guide. Agent desktop tools feature options such as Agent LAN Chat and Buddy List enabling agents to request help without putting the customer on hold.

Unify’s tight integration with Cisco UCCX creates a true blended call center where agents can be switched from outbound to inbound as call volumes change during the day to meet the constantly changing operational requirements in the contact center.

About Acqueon Technologies

Acqueon Technologies Inc. specializes in developing software solutions for the customer collaboration space. These products and solutions use business logic to deliver a distinctive customer experience by enabling organizations to build better relationships with their customers.

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