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Acqueon Technologies unveils List and Campaign Manager 2.0 with availability for Hosted Outbound Cisco-Based Platforms

By Ashok N | 31, August 2012

Acqueon Technologies Unveils List and Campaign Manager 2.0 with Availability for Hosted Outbound Cisco-Based Platforms

PRINCETON, NJ – May 31, 2012  Acqueon Technologies Inc., a leader in software solutions for the customer collaboration industry, today announced the latest release of List and Campaign Manager. Release 2.0 is available immediately to new customers and as a software upgrade to existing customers. Previously, LCM was only available to customers who deployed their contact center platforms on-premise. The updated version of LCM is now also available to Cisco customers who choose to outsource their contact center to a hosted or managed service provider and is also compatible with Cisco Hosted Collaboration Service. LCM 2.0 was unveiled for the first time at Cisco Live 2012 in San Diego, California.

In recent years, the adoption of hosted contact center models has experienced a steady increase as many small and mid-size businesses do not have adequate technical support for in-house contact centers. This market trend has grown out of a common need for more flexible call center infrastructures which improve productivity and support scalability. The convenience of this model has contributed to a momentum gain on-par with the premises-based approach. The extended capabilities of LCM 2.0 adapt the original software to function alongside this push toward hosted service providers.

LCM 2.0 incorporates various additional features that make for more intuitive, productive, and streamlined outbound contact center operations as well as the opportunity to tailor each calling platform to the distinct business needs of the end-user. In addition to hosted capabilities, LCM 2.0 highlights include: a rebuilt user interface, support for integration to 3rd party applications, and multiple language capabilities.

The application’s new thin-client user interface allows agents and supervisors to log-in from anywhere and reduces IT support overhead. The streamlined interface includes icon-based tabs which allow administrators and supervisors to locate information quickly and reduces training time for new users. LCM supports integration to 3rd party applications, allowing organizations to create a customized “cockpit” for agents and supervisors. These cockpits allow agents to quickly access critical information from multiple corporate information sources, thus reducing call times and improving the customer experience.

Acqueon’s LCM 2.0 offers key enhancements that bring new levels of flexibility to outbound contact centers of every size. For more information, please visit

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