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Outbound Compliance

Outbound Compliance for Cisco Contact Centers


Acqueon Compliance Solutions for Cisco Outbound Contact Center include three levels of support for Federal and State calling rules including TCPA. Our solutions provide multiple levels of control to support various levels of compliance based on the business’ need. This provides flexibility for businesses or business units within a company which may have differing compliance requirements. Each level of support includes options which are configurable by the business.

Compliance Features

State and Federal Outbound Compliance

Each of Acqueon’s outbound solutions include the capabilities to support State and Federal calling time and day rules. This includes holiday schedules to ensure you don’t miss a regional or state holiday. Calling times for contacts can be configured by area code or zip code of the contact or a combination of both to create the most conservative calling window. This is especially critical if your contact has an east coast area code and a west coast zip code or you have more than one contact on the record with different addresses.

TCPA Compliance

Acqueon’s TCPA solution is an optional module which leverages the architecture of the base Cisco solution which separates the dialing function (provided by Cisco) from the decision engine. The decision engine segregates phone numbers which are designated as Wireless and subject to TCPA (No PEWC) from landline numbers and wireless numbers where PEWC is recorded. Records subject to TCPA are then sent directly to the agent desktop (bypassing the dialer) where a gadget appears that prompts the agent to manually dial the customer. No automated dialer is invoked during the process. Once the call has concluded, the agent can record the results of the call in the desktop gadget. Those results are then fed back to the database and combined with the results of those calls that were processed through the autodialer. This method adheres to the TCPA rules but allows the business to operate the campaigns in a holistic fashion rather than in silos which fragments customer and campaign data.

Integrated Scrubbing Services

Acqueon has teamed with DNC.com to integrate scrubbing services into our Cisco Outbound Compliance solutions to streamline the process of maintaining compliance. These are optional annual subscriptions. The following scrubbing services are integrated into our solutions:

  • Federal and State DNC database
  • Wireless Verification Database
  • Litigators Database
  • Wireless Identification service—this service requires records to be extracted and sent to the carrier for ownership identification