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Built to fully integrate with the familiar Microsoft Office interface, Microsoft Lync is a unified communications platform that serves as an IP PBX system. The newest version of the AiQ contact center platform now integrates seemlessly to Microsoft Lync through the UCMA API. AiQ 5.0 not only gives Microsoft Lync users full contact center functionality, it provides a foundation to support future communication technologies, such as video, to seemlessly be streamlined through its API as they arise.
This flexible enterprise-ready platform gives users real-time presence information, audio/video/web conferencing, and enhanced instant messaging to help them connect with their contacts more efficiently and effectively.
AiQ is built on the distinct and deliberate design philosophy of Context Awareness, Intuitive Interactions, and ProActive Reach.
Context Awareness
Knowing the customer and how they prefer to interact with the organization
AiQ interfaces with corporate systems to bring customer information to agent fingertips so that each interaction can be intelligent, efficient, and concluded successfully with no unnecessary follow-up. Context awareness is also understanding what media the customer chooses to use - voice, email, or SMS and providing them support via that media.
Intuitive Interactions
Understanding why the customer is contacting the organization
AiQ intelligently routes customers to the right agent the first time to provide them service. Sometimes this means knowing why the customer is calling even before the agent says hello.
ProActive Reach
Intelligently providing service to the customer on a proactive rather than reactive basis
By allowing agents to contact their customers before their customers contact them, ProActive Reach not only prevents heavy influxes of inbound calls, but instills a customer-centric point of view in every interaction.

Business Benefits

Native UCMA Integration to Lync

  • Future-proof your investment with seamless integration for new technologies supported by the Microsoft UCMA API

Adaptability to Communication Trends

  • Connect with customers across a multitude of touch points as new modes emerge

Versatility and Adherence to Standards

  • Integrate AiQ with most corporate systems and voice or data architectures

Price Comparison

  • Lower total cost of ownership as compared similar platforms

Product Features


  • Routing across channels with a common set of business rules
  • Graphical scripting for skill-based routing
  • Scalable and high performance


  • SIP based IVR platform
  • Provides a graphical scripting tool for call flow development


  • Voice
  • Chat
  • HTML-based chat engine, canned messages, file upload and page push
  • E-mail: Categorization engine – keyword search, canned messages, file attachments, auto responses and junk mails
  • SMS (same interface as chat)
  • Fax (through e-mail channel)


  • Voice support for multiple pacing modes (preview, power and predictive)
  • E-mail Blaster
  • SMS Blaster
  • Call progress analysis - CRBT detection
  • List management
  • Campaign management
  • Dial plan (contact life cycle management)
  • Do Not Call (DNC) list
  • Time zone management
  • Contact selection filter

Call Guide

  • Scripting tool to design agent Q & A sessions

Callback Management

  • Ability to set multiple call back requests for callers in queue
  • Ability to set Web callback

Integrated Web-Based Agent Desktop

  • Supports Lync softphone
  • Supports all delivery channels
  • Supports business applications
  • Last Customer Interaction (tracking customer transactions across channels)
  • Agent presence management and propagation

Quality Monitoring

  • Inbuilt voice recorder for both inbound and outbound calls


  • Web-based supervisor console
  • Multiple historical reports


  • Inbound and outbound voice or other inbound channels
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