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LCM for Cisco UCCE, PCCE and HCS

LCM for Cisco Unified CCE
List & Campaign Manager (LCM) provides powerful list and campaign management capabilities for Cisco Enterprise contact center platforms. LCM also offers outbound capabilities for SMS and e-mail messaging.

Cutting-Edge Features in LCM

Two-Way SMS Messaging
Two-way SMS campaigns can be configured with fixed-response sets, triggering specific outcomes based on business logic. Two-way SMS campaigns provide customers with the capability to respond to SMS messages, reducing the need for further follow-up calls. SMS messaging can be used in a stand-alone campaign or integrated with voice and email, providing true, omni-channel functionality.

TCPA Compliance
The latest TCPA outbound regulatory requirements mandate that businesses contacting wireless numbers via an automated dialer must obtain prior express written consent. LCM provides a specific database for all PEWC contacts, allowing these contacts to be sent directly to the automated dialer whereas all other wireless numbers will be sent to the manual dialer.

Agent/Executive Mapped Contacts
Specialized or high-value customer segments often require personalized care. Typically, groups of agents are not skilled or appropriate to support these customer segments. Agent-based campaigns allow for personalized service by mapping one agent exclusively to a customer.

Agents can be assigned exclusively to a single agent-based campaign or be included in other group-oriented campaigns, even if they are mixed mode (predictive and preview). This ensures that agent productivity stays at peak levels when specific callback records are depleted or an intra-day call strategy has changed.

Dialing Status Alert
Increase the efficiency of your operation through more informed decision making. Administrators can determine when a segment of records is near completion to determine whether to change campaign strategies or prepare more contacts.

Priority Callback from External Sources Like Web, ATM, Kiosk, Etc
Communicate with existing or potential customers quickly from anywhere. Customers now interact with businesses from a variety of places like the web, kiosks, ATMs, etc.

Product Feature Highlights

Integration with Hosted Collaboration Solution

  • Support for multi-tenant and hosted environments
  • Multi-tenancy capabilities
  • Unique entity environment for individual business needs
  • Privacy of campaign, customer, and list data
  • Option to partition premise-based installation with disparate business units or departments
  • Ability to customize supervisor real-time monitors and reports based on needs of individual entities

Third Party Application

  • One centralized agent screen with quick access to information

Agent Desktop

  • Support for Finesse agent desktop
  • Thin and thick client support with icon-based tabs
  • Seamless integration with out-of-the-box Cisco Agent Desktop

Multiple Languages

  • Supports languages in addition to English
  • SSimultaneous support and option to configure a separate language for each tenant

Additional Technical Updates

  • Support for 64-bit operating systems
  • Automatic delivery of notices and reports in case of system/process failure
  • Increased handling power
  • Improved security with ADS integration

Call Strategy Management

  • Ability to confi gure multiple calling numbers for individual contacts in each campaign
  • Flexibility to switch across multiple channels for an individual contact in a single campaign
  • Maintain complete control of a contact across multiple numbers throughout its life cycle
  • Contacts are rescheduled to alternate numbers based on the number of retries configured for each number within a campaign
  • LCM allows custom confi guration for the number of global retries for a contact across multiple numbers
  • Agent/executive mapped contacts
  • Priority callback from external sources like web, ATMs, kiosks, etc

Compliance and Reporting

  • Time zone management
  • Holiday schedule
  • Three-tier do-not-call list management - campaign-specific, global and national DNC
  • Timed DNC
  • State-specific compliance management
  • Separate database to manage contacts with prior express written consent (new in 3.1)
  • Real Time monitor for supervisors to view campaign status and statistics
  • Extensive list of historical reports
  • Ability to configure DNC by Channel
  • Enables contacts to be scrubbed against a statutory-level DNC database while uploading contacts
  • Availability of Historical reporting data in hour, day, week and month format
  • Historical Reports based on Global List ID
  • Option to create profile/template to manage scrub, Enterprise DNC and National DNC

Business Flow Management

  • Multiple business outcomes for each campaign are activated
  • Dial plans for individual business outcomes to maintain contact lifecycle
  • Recall strategy for individual business outcomes to maintain contact life cycle
  • Support for campaign chaining with copy and move options

Contact Selection

  • Offers powerful contact selection algorithms based on market strategy
  • Offers custom contact selection filters based on business parameters

Multi-Channel Contact Management

  • Support for SMS and email channels
  • Support for two-way SMS messaging
  • Email and SMS channels are interchangeable with voice, providing true omni-channel support
  • SMS and email marketing campaigns

Designing Campaign-Specific Agent Applications

  • A CTI plug-in is available on Cisco-based screen pops to capture business outcomes
  • Open system architecture
  • Integrates with the Unified CCE platform over database

Pacing Modes

  • Voice channel uses the standard pacing modes offered by UCCE dialer
  • Progressive SMS
  • Progressive e-mail (email blaster supported)

Data Uploads

  • Administrative tool used to configure and upload contacts
  • Connect to database or utilize flat files
  • Support for partial update for data refresh

Automate Campaign Runtime

  • Configure campaign runtime, date range, and specific days
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