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LCM 3.0 for Cisco Unified CCE

LCM for Cisco Unified CCE
List & Campaign Manager (LCM) 3.0 provides powerful list and campaign management capabilities for the Cisco Unified CCE dialer. It also offers outbound capabilities for SMS and e-mail channels over the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise platform.

Business Benefits

Enhanced Business Benefits of LCM 3.0

  • Agent/Executive Mapped Campaigns
    • Deliver one-on-one, personalized service by mapping one agent exclusively to one customer
    • Keep agent productivity at peak levels when specific callback records are depleted or strategy has changed
  • Dialing Status Alert
    • Increase operational efficiency through more informed decision-making
    • Determine when a segment of records are near completion to dictate change in strategy
  • Priority Callback from External Sources
    • Communicate with existing or potential customers quickly from anywhere (web, kiosks, ATMs, etc.)
    • Prioritize these calls ahead of scheduled campaigns
  • Support for Finesse Agent Desktop for UCCE 9.x
    • Leverage the power of Finesse at the agent desktop

Business Benefits of Acqueon's LCM for Cisco UCCE

  • Maximizes yield from records
    • Increases the number of productive calls to customer
    • Enhances business returns
  • Increases customer contact points
    • Customers can be contacted across multiple channels if voice channel fails
  • Enhances customer experience
    • Reduce customer abandonment and irritation
    • Customers are contacted at the right time and through the right channel

Product Features

New Features for 3.0

  • Agent / Executive mapped contacts
  • Dialing status Alert
  • Priority callback from external sources like Web, ATM, Kiosk, etc.
  • Support for Finesse Agent Desktop for UCCE 9.x
  • Separate strategies for contacts to be called back
  • LCM supports 3 box architecture
  • Support for Windows 2012
  • Support for MSSQL 2012
  • Support for Finesse Agent Desktop for UCCE 9.x
  • Allows us to upload a National level DNC list
  • Ability to configure DNC by Channel
  • Enables contacts to be scrubbed against a statutory level DNC database while uploading contacts.
  • Availability of Historical reporting data in hour, Day, week and Month format
  • Historical Reports based on Global List ID
  • Ability to define system wide Dimensions to report across campaigns
  • Alerts to administrator when the eligible records for dialing per day are less than the threshold set
  • Option to configure the preferred call back time while chaining
  • Option to create multiple upload profile/template with specific operation like update, overwrite or append contact and business data to campaigns
  • Option to create profile/template to manage scrub, Enterprise DNC and National DNC
  • Option to enable duplicate filter on closed records

Integration with Hosted Collaboration Solution

  • Support for Multi-Tenant and Hosted Environments
  • Multi-tenancy capabilities
  • Unique entity environment for individual business needs
  • Privacy of campaign, customer, and list data
  • Option to partition premise-based installation with disparate business units or departments
  • Ability to customize supervisor real-time monitors and reports based on needs of individual entities

Third Party Application Integration

  • One centralized agent screen with quick access to information

Agent Desktop

  • Thin and thick client support with icon-based tabs
  • Seemless integration with out of the box Cisco Agent Desktop

Multiple Languages

  • Supports languages in addition to English
  • Simultaneous support and option to configure a separate language for each tenant

Additional Technical Updates

  • Support for 64-bit operating systems
  • Automatic delivery of notices and reports in case of system/process failure
  • Increased handling power
  • Improved security with ADS integration

Call Strategy Management

  • Ability to configure multiple calling numbers for individual contacts in each campaign
  • Flexibility to switch across multiple channels for an individual contact in a single campaign.
  • Maintain complete control of a contact across multiple numbers throughout its life cycle.
  • Contacts are rescheduled to alternate numbers based on the number of retries configured for each number within a campaign.
  • LCM allows custom configuration for the number of global retries for a contact across multiple numbers.


  • Time zone management
  • Holiday schedule
  • Three-tier do-not-call list management - campaign-specific, global and national DNC
  • Timed DNC
  • State-specific compliance management

Business Flow Management

  • Multiple business outcomes for each campaign are activated
  • Dial plans for individual business outcomes to maintain contact lifecycle
  • Recall strategy for individual business outcomes to maintain contact life cycle
  • Support for campaign chaining with copy and move options

Contact Selection

  • Offers powerful contact selection algorithms based on market strategy
  • Offers custom contact selection filters based on business parameters

Multichannel Contact Management

  • Support for SMS and email channels
  • SMS & Email Marketing campaigns

Designing Campaign-Specific Agent Applications

  • A CTI plug-in is available on Cisco-based screen pops to capture business outcomes
  • Open system architecture
  • Integrates with the Unified CCE platform over database

Pacing Modes

  • Voice channel uses the standard pacing modes offered by UCCE dialer
  • Progressive SMS
  • Progressive e-mail (e-mail blaster supported)

Data Uploads

  • Administrative tool used to configure and upload contacts
  • Connect to database or utilize flat files
  • Support for partial update for data refresh

Automate Campaign Runtime

  • Configure campaign runtime, date range, and specific days
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