In today’s age with endless options, customer get what they want. All they look for is customer experience. Exceed customer expectations to increase customer loyalty by maximising omnichannel capabilities, boosting efficiency, productivity and profitability with innovative products and solutions from Acqueon.


Identify current stocks via native retail solutions and execute automated campaigns using Acqueon products and solutions to order, ship, track deliveries and payments for supplies to prevent lost sales due to insufficient stocks.

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Customer Experience

Offer superior customer experience by proactively notifying customers on their preferred channel at the right time about the realtime status of their orders, while maintaining compliance to statutory rules.

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Increase sales

Customers who are sent relevant offers while in proximity to a store are highly likely to convert. Acqueon’s automated solutions helps to send relevant campaigns to the customer based on various parameters such as proximity to store via their choice of channel at the right time.

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View of the customer

Gather customer feedback and information using surveys via Acqueon solutions to identify the customer painpoints and recreate customer journey map to stand out of the crowd.

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