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Salesforce Connector

Context Driven Campaigns


Integrate both contact center and CRM platforms with Acqueon’s SalesForce.com connector for Cisco Enterprise and Express Contact Center platforms. Enhance the quality of each interaction in your contact center by providing agents with key customer context.

What is the benefit of integrating CRM and the contact center?

Context is the key word when looking at the integration of CRM and contact center operations. Providing enhanced context around each interaction works to enhance customer satisfaction and decrease average call time.

Acqueon’s SalesForce connector is optimized for both inbound and outbound contact center performance, offered both as a standalone solution or integrated with Acqueon’s outbound platforms for Cisco.

Business Benefits

Screen Pop and Data Entry

With Salesforce screen pops enabled through each inbound call, agents are provided with a complete context of the customer and their previous interactions. Additionally agents can edit the record in Salesforce in real time.

Click to Call

With full integration to Cisco telephony, contact center agents can make outbound calls through Salesforce with a single click.

Manage both Inbound and Outbound calls

Inbound/Outbound agent blending is fully supported with the LCM Salesforce connector, providing Salesforce screen pops in both modes.