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Solutions for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

Customer Interaction Challenges in Banking and Financial Services

Customer Retention & Acquisition

There is a fierce battle in the financial services market to eat into each other’s pie in terms of the customer base. With increasing competition, the race to hold on to the vacillating yet loyal customer base is thus a challenge.

Integration of Business, Technology, & Customer Care

The other crucial issue facing an organization is to bring about an integration of these three vital pillars, namely business development, customer care and information technology, and develop a customer-facing solution to enhance the organization’s customer interaction processes.

Customer Share

One of the major targets of insurance firms is to increase the ‘wallet share’ of customers by cross-selling insurance products to the existing customers during customer service.

Changing Technology

The ever changing technology to meet customer demands and take customer experience to the next level is now what sets competitors apart from each other. Given this, the implementation and the scalability of technology play a vital role.

No More “Brick and Mortar” Insurance Firms

The growing pressure of market conditions, the need to maintain and grow market shares and to establish a meaningful brand identity, and the entry of more nimble competitors is thus breaking down traditional barriers found in ‘brick and mortar’ firms.

Recommended Solutions for Contact and Call Centers

Acqueon iQ

  • IVR
  • PBX / ACD
  • Inbound interaction management solutions
    • Voice
    • E-mail
    • Chat
    • SMS
    • Reports
    • Recording
  • Outbound interaction management solutions
    • Voice
    • E-mail
    • SMS
    • Predictive and preview dialing modes
    • Recording
  • Blending capabilities


  • Collects CLI, DNIS, ANI and digits entered
  • Intelligent call routing
  • Integrates with PBX, IVR applications, and business applications
  • Customer interaction history
  • Soft phone, screen pop and caller recognition
  • Call center management with real time monitoring and historical reports

How It Helps

  • General information on products and services
  • Insurance claims processing and filing
  • Loan information
  • Policy coverage verification
  • Policy renewal
  • Customer complaint logging
  • Request for product brochure
  • Personal Identification Number (assigning or changing)
  • Customer feedback
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • New scheme announcements
  • Premium payment reminders
  • Premium payment acknowledgements
  • Policy status notification
  • Transaction confirmation
  • General enquiry
    • Exchange and interest rate information (phone & fax)
    • Product and services information – voice & fax
    • ATM/branch locator service
    • Online subscription for banking – retail and corporate customers
  • Account related information
    • Balance enquiry
    • Last five transactions (voice/mail)
    • Check status
    • Funds transfer (including third party transfer)
    • Utility bills payment
    • Online complaints / suggestion (voice / mail)
    • Check book request
    • DD / banker’s check request
    • Stop payment instructions / standing orders
    • Request for statement of account
  • Account outstanding amount – voice
  • Last five transactions – voice & mail
  • Card activation / deactivation
  • Retail transaction authorization
  • Change PIN request
  • Enhancement of credit limit
  • General information on products and services (market future, stocks, options, equity trading, loans, investment options)
  • Stock prices
  • Lending rate information
  • Interactive loan questionnaire
  • Tax assistance
  • Mutual fund
  • Demat
  • Investor Menu
  • Broker Menu
  • Transaction Statement