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BPO Contact Center Solution

Customer Interaction challenges in BPOs

Customer Identification

Existing customers expect organizations to know them. Every time they call the established helpline number, customers find it very frustrating to repeat details like name, address, and phone numbers.

Call Back

It is likely that at peak hours call volume will be the highest for Call Centers. This can result in customers waiting in queue and hanging up before being attended to by an agent.

Customer Update

Customers expect to know on a timely basis promotions, offers, new product / service offerings, and other updates

Turnaround Time

Customers expect a quick resolution for simple queries and don’t like being kept on hold endlessly.

Recommended Solutions for Contact and Call Centers

Acqueon iQ

  • IVR
  • PBX / ACD
  • Inbound interaction management solutions
    • Voice
    • E-mail
    • Chat
    • SMS
    • Reports
    • Recording
  • Outbound interaction management solutions
    • Voice
    • E-mail
    • SMS
    • Predictive and preview dialing modes
    • Recording
  • Blending capabilities


  • Collects CLI, DNIS, ANI and digits entered
  • Intelligent call routing
  • Integrates with PBX, IVR applications, and business applications
  • Customer interaction history
  • Softphone, screen pop and caller recognition
  • Call Center management with real time monitoring and historical reports

How It Helps

  • Receive inbound calls
  • Receive e-mails
  • Initiate chat
  • Make outbound calls
  • Schedule outbound calls based on agent-call ratio
  • Record calls for quality-check and training
  • Generate periodic reports based on historic data and also real time reports
  • Outbound SMS campaigns