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Education Sector Contact Center Solutions

Customer Interaction Challenges in Education

Staff Communication

Staff communication needs to be streamlined. As the organization’s key representatives, they interact with parents, prospective families, area schools, members of the community, local businesses, various officials, potential funding sources and others. Often your school is measured by how well your personnel respond to these communicative challenges. Organizations are increasingly questioning if it is easy for you to effectively communicate with staff and faculty? Do they have the tools to stay in touch and share information among themselves and with others? Can school personnel be reached quickly and efficiently, no matter where they are?

Enhance Information Availability

As an educator, you are all too familiar with the challenges of keeping everyone informed. Students need to be able to access homework and class assignments. Parents look for everything from class content to cafeteria menus. They want to be able to message teachers and also need to be notified for early dismissals and snow days. The community expects answers when they contact your school about planning policies and budget issues. Regardless of the size of your school, these demands can quickly add up, overwhelming your staff and taxing your administrative resources. The result is a breakdown in information availability, which can lead to a disgruntled school community and frustrated teachers and staff.

Recommended Solutions for Contact and Call Centers

Acqueon iQ

  • IVR
  • PBX / ACD
  • Inbound interaction management solutions
    • Voice
    • E-mail
    • Chat
    • SMS
    • Reports
    • Recording
  • Outbound interaction management solutions
    • Voice
    • E-mail
    • SMS
    • Predictive and preview dialing modes
    • Recording
  • Blending capabilities


  • Collects CLI, DNIS, ANI and digits entered
  • Intelligent call routing
  • Integrates with PBX, IVR applications, and business applications
  • Customer interaction history
  • Soft phone, screen pop and caller recognition
  • Call center management with real time monitoring and historical reports

How It Helps

  • General enquiries
  • Admission information
  • Request for bills / fees statement
  • Address locator
  • Class / homework schedules
  • Emergency notifications in case of bad weather, accidents, illness or others
  • Announcement of holidays and events
  • Parent and student satisfaction surveys
  • Complaint management
  • Announcement of new workshops and seminars
  • Requested ‘call back’ (based on query)
  • Emergency notification
  • Welcome calls to new students and parents