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Healthcare Contact Center Solutions

Customer Interaction Challenges in Medical Sector

Pre-certification and Authorization

Clients face situations where they require authorization. They require automated pre-certification services and authorization codes. Acqueon’s solutions automate the pre-certification service and enable inbound callers to obtain the requested authorization codes for various patient procedures.

Minimizing Talk Time

Service providers need their agents to complete calls in the shortest time possible. By deploying an easily navigable, user-friendly IVR, callers are guided through menus and the transaction is completed in the shortest time possible.

Customer Complaint Management

For any service provider, patients’ complaints are often the most difficult and cumbersome to handle. Acqueon’s solutions enable healthcare organizations to handle their complaints quickly, efficiently and in an easier fashion. Patients can choose a channel of convenience (voice, e-mail) to lodge their complaints.

Recommended Solutions for Contact and Call Centers

Acqueon iQ

  • IVR
  • PBX / ACD
  • Inbound interaction management solutions
    • Voice
    • E-mail
    • Chat
    • SMS
    • Reports
    • Recording
  • Outbound interaction management solutions
    • Voice
    • E-mail
    • SMS
    • Predictive and preview dialing modes
    • Recording
  • Blending capabilities


  • Collects CLI, DNIS, ANI and digits entered
  • Intelligent call routing
  • Integrates with PBX, IVR applications, and business applications
  • Customer interaction history
  • Soft phone, screen pop and caller recognition
  • Call center management with real time monitoring and historical reports

How It Helps

  • Information on associations and medical forums
  • Facility to interact with specialists
  • Details on drug indications and contra indications
  • Lead generation
  • New product information
  • Information on free medical camps
  • Alerts and reminders on seminars and conferences
  • Online surveys
  • Birthday greetings
  • Information on new drugs and prices
  • Consignment status tracking
  • Details on credit limit and period
  • Damage and expiry claims
  • Collection status
  • New product information
  • Order delivery status
  • Reminders on expiry dates
  • Inventory management
  • General information on health issues and their symptoms
  • Information on precautions and medication
  • Description of clinical tests
  • Information and contact details of specialists
  • Blood bank directory
  • Information on hospitals and ambulances
  • Hospital and clinic locators
  • Network physician locator
  • Make an appointment and appointment reminders
  • Lab results
  • Fill prescription reminders
  • Retrieve medical history of a patient
  • Outbound surveys
  • Quick tips for filing claims
  • Information on healthcare programs
  • Accident hotline
  • Bill payment and reminders
  • Customer complaint management
  • Information on free medical camps
  • Health tips
  • Epidemic alerts
  • Alerts or reminders on insurance and healthcare-related seminars and conferences
  • Appointment availability status
  • Appointment reminders