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Retail Industry Contact Center Solutions

Customer Service Challenges in Retail Sector


The number of brands that are serviced on a daily basis at a single service center is on the rise. This leads to an explosion of contact instances, and if not dealt with properly, customer dissatisfaction. In situations like this, routine functionalities like service bookings and service reminders could be dealt with through an automated system to avoid slack.


Customer information like contact details, vehicle model and number, insurance policy details, etc. need to be up-to-date. Failing this, the identification and validation process is adversely affected.

Customer Identification

Every time customers call for service bookings, manual validation makes the entire process long and tedious. Not to mention its drawbacks in terms of an increase in unsatisfied demand and potential human error.

Dealer Challenges

Customer Contact

Dealers list more than 5 numbers for the same sales showroom. This makes it tedious for customers to keep trying these numbers in cases where one of them is engaged.

Customer Segmentation

A single automobile dealer will have different vehicles of the same brand at various price points for different segments. However, only one number for this entire range will be published.

Test Drive

There is no automation in place for any of the automobile dealers. Advertisements speak about test drives, but when customers call or send an SMS, their requests are not met.

Prospect Base

There will be prospects who enquire about automobiles and consider them for later purchase. These become prospects who might turn into customers in future, for these dealers and also for the automobile brands. However, this information is not maintained.

Recommended Solution for Contact Center

Acqueon iQ

  • IVR
  • PBX / ACD
  • Inbound interaction management solutions
    • Voice
    • E-mail
    • Chat
    • SMS
    • Reports
    • Recording
  • Outbound interaction management solutions
    • Voice
    • E-mail
    • SMS
    • Call Guide

How it Helps

  • Booking a slot for service
  • ‘Select pick-up location’ option
  • Status check about service
  • SMS service by the center to customers
  • Receive complaint calls from customers
  • New offer calls to customers
  • SMS to customers about new offers and loyalty programs
  • Request for test drive via SMS
  • Provide new model information through SMS and outbound calls
  • Follow up with prospects
  • Set up queue logic for different customer segments