Most of the customers evaluate the authenticity and reviews the utility services online before opting for one. Our solution makes sure you are on the line to the answer any questions shot by the customer and enables you to provide best in class services.

Better understanding on the customer needs

Understanding the customer’s needs and behavior is the key to cross sell your services. Based on the customer information, our solution helps you to chain customers across campaigns based on business outcomes to cross sell other utility services that are relevant to their needs.

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Reminders at your service

Payments for any utility services are made online. Once the service is completed, our system recognizes the completion status and triggers the payment reminder automatically. This reminder is sent to all the registered channels with the option to make the payment for the service rendered.

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Align your customers with periodical updates

Help your customers to take prompt decisions to prevent last minute hustles. Our robust real time monitoring capabilities helps you to monitor the status of the entire system and keep your customer posted on the outage or planned system downtime.

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