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Acqueon Engagement

Proactive customer engagement that delivers seamless experience

Acqueon Engagement is a complete outbound communication suite for sales, marketing and customer service. It includes an omnichannel campaign manager with a built-in dialer with optional callback and survey options. It works seamlessly with all leading cloud and on-premise telephony and contact center platforms.

Maximizing the potential of every conversation

  • Omnichannel Engagement

    Orchestrates customer engagement across all communication channels

    Optimizes campaign automation workflows and human management

  • AI-Driven Segmentation & Next-best Action

    Powerful predictive models provide the best time and channel to contact customers and prospects

    Recommends Next Best Action based on customers' buying propensity, history and preferences

  • Customer Journey Visualization

    Provides 360-degree view of customer profile and current context from open cases to past interactions

    Ensures meaningful and contextual interactions based on analysis of contact center and enterprise data

  • Compliance Management

    Manages the various aspects of data security and privacy

    Includes a comprehensive set of tools to comply with TCPA, Do Not Call, GDPR, and other regulations

Acqueon Engagement for Amazon Connect

A cloud-based, highly scalable, pay-as-you-go, omnichannel outbound customer engagement platform, built on Amazon Connect to power millions of customer interactions. This agile and easy-to-set-up platform is integrated with all enterprise CRMs and includes a built-in predictive dialer.

Acqueon Engagement for Cisco Enterprise

A smart, fast and omnichannel outbound campaign management solution that orchestrates all outbound communications across multiple channels and segmentations. A customizable solution that integrates with multiple CRMs, optimizes daily call schedules, and maximize connections, leads and business outcomes.

Acqueon Engagement for Cisco Express

A unified, secure, and easy-to-deploy, multi-channel customer engagement hub, built for Cisco UCCX. It targets specific contacts using advanced algorithms and fine-grain segmentations. It can prioritize calls using smart filter conditions, auto-scheduled campaigns, shift timings, and much more.

Acqueon Engagement for NICE inContact

An omnichannel campaign manager for NICE inContact CXone. It enables seamless engagement experiences by orchestrating outreach across any communication channel including SMS and email. Rich customer context and micro-segmentation create personalized and emotional conversations.

Acqueon Engagement Callback Manager

A flexible and reliable callback solution for all on-premises and cloud platforms, it shifts inbound demand to well-timed, outbound callbacks. Offers multichannel callback options based on the customer's channel, time and day preferences. Supports callbacks from the web.

Acqueon Engagement Survey Manager

An IVR and call center survey management solution improving customer satisfaction through accurate and detailed customer feedback. The CTI integration connects back the feedback to the interaction to identify the root causes and customer pain points, helping you ensure they won't happen again.

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