Survey and feedback manager for contact centers

The big picture of customer satisfaction through accurate and detailed insights

Acqueon Survey

If you are unaware of how customers feel,

you lose the ability to improve their experience.

  • Mismanaged feedback system

  • Long-winding buiness processes

  • Deteriorating agent productivity

Collecting precise customer feedback requires a power-packed product.

Unearth valuable customer insights with Acqueon Survey tool

Unearth valuable customer insights with Survey Manager

  • Identifies customer pain points to keep them from repeating
  • Increases brand experience

How can you benefit from it?

  • Increase productivity of the contact center

  • Quickly identify the gaps in agent training

  • Provide inputs to improve service quality

  • Define business groups for both inbound and outbound

Increase productivity of your contact center using Acqueon Survey tool
Quickly identify the gaps in agent training using Acqueon Survey tool
Improve service quality using Acqueon Survey tool
Creating a survey using Acqueon

What makes Acqueon Engagement Survey Manager unique?

  • Personalized UI with drag-and-drop option

  • Step-by-step survey configuration wizard

  • Seamless integration with CTI to collect agent IDs

  • Capability to record voice-based messages


The Acqueon Engagement Survey Manager Datasheet