AcqueonNext Best Action

Hyper-personalization across channels powered by AI and analytics

Tailoring experiences is an uphill task

in the era of rising expectations and fading legacy tools!

  • Inability to predict customer intent

  • Siloed customer touch points and infrastructure

  • High levels of customer effort

How can you deliver the right message to the right customer, at the right time?

Create and manage

personalized omnichannel experiences

  • Integrates with any channel to collect and store data
  • Identifies important phases in customer journey

How can you benefit from it?

  • Easily dissect customer sentiments to serve them better

  • Set new benchmarks in first contact resolution

  • Discover triggers for customer dissatisfaction

  • Seamlessly configure, design, and manage self-service applications

What makes Acqueon Next Best Action unique?

  • Easy-to-understand 360° view of the customer

  • Cutting-edge statistical and machine learning models

  • Next Best Actions powered by an advanced big data and analytics engine

  • Flexibility to define self-service treatment


The Acqueon Next Best Action Datasheet

Give customers a memorable experience every time they connect with you

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