How to Implement a Pre-emptive Customer Engagement Strategy

2020 will usher in a new era of anticipating customer needs and offering preemptive service. Don’t get left behind. This trend will move quickly, and first-mover organizations will be primed to steal market share from their competition.

But how do you implement a preemptive service strategy?

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  • Why preemptive customer service matters (and the benefits)
  • How to shift from a reactive to a proactive customer engagement strategy
  • How to implement a preemptive customer service strategy
  • Preemptive Engagement Model
  • New preemptive service technologies – Next Best Action, Next Best Offer, Best Time to Contact…
  • Deep learning: What it is and why it’s more effective than AI and Machine Learning
  • Importance of campaign orchestration
  • Omnichannel proactive alerts
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of customers are interested in some degree of proactive communication from companies they buy products and services from (Loyalty360).