Acqueon Innovates Epic and Contact Center Integration with the Latest Release of its EHR Connectors

The Fall update adds integration with Epic Hyperspace and expanded contact center platform support.

SAN JOSE, CALIF. | Sep 07, 2021 | Source: PRWEB

Acqueon, a leading conversational engagement software company, today announces the latest update of its Electronic Health Record (EHR) Connectors. Introduced in 2020, Acqueon EHR Connectors enable Contact Center and Epic integration. They leverage an innovative Pub-Sub framework and a low-code Workflow Builder to integrate with multiple contact center platforms, including Amazon Connect, Cisco, Five9, and NICE CXone.

Acqueon EHR Connectors federate record information, past interactions, and appointments into a 360-degree view of the patient in contact center agent desktops. Select workflows, such as appointment scheduling, are built inside the contact center desktop to provide a streamlined experience and allow contact center agents to offload practitioners more effectively. Acqueon’s latest version adds support for Epic Hyperspace with support for new workflows such as prescription refills, member services, or triaging patient calls.

“Contact center integration has become critical to both patient engagement and revenue cycle management. With our innovative connector architecture, we intend to democratize access to EHR systems.”

– Ashish Koul, CEO , Acqueon Technologies Inc.

Acqueon EHR Connectors will be available this month for Five9 and NICE CXone and are due later this year for the other platforms.