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AcqueonList & Campaign Manager

Outbound campaign management software for contact optimization

Orchestrating outbound campaigns

is tough business for contact centers.

  • Disparate customer segmentation based on business preferences

  • Silos of communication across multiple channels

  • Risk of non-compliance with DNC rules and regulations

What if there was a smarter and more proactive answer to customer engagement?

Acqueon LCM helps you

accelerate great relationships with customers

  • Maximize right party connect with granular AI-powered contact selection and segmentation
  • Make result-oriented outbound calls with right party connect optimization, leveraging machine learning
  • Improve agent productivity with call guides, customer history, call dispositions, and an array of other gadgets

How can you benefit from it?

  • 360 degree view of campaign performance

  • Improved CX through non-intrusive contact strategy

  • Ensure agent productivity with the Cisco Finesse desktop

  • Reduce call times and after-call work

What makes Acqueon LCM unique?

  • Multi-tenant in a centralized Cisco system

  • Administrator-friendly to take real-time decisions

  • Contact strategy through omni-channel orchestration

  • Adherence to statutory guidelines and compliance modules


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