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Acqueon AiQ® is Real-Time Conversational Intelligence

Smarter, highly effective & more productive agents— that’s the not-so-secret recipe of successful contact centers. Get real about improved agent performance and contact center ROI with Real-Time Agent Guidance, Coaching & Automated, 100% Call Scoring.

Smarter AgentsLower CostsReal-Deal Revenue Outcomes

Getting new agents productive quickly (and just as quickly converting them to top performers) is a priority for modern contact centers in every industry— healthcare to banking to travel & hospitality. That’s why AI-powered Real-Time Conversational Intelligence has become critical.

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Answer your customer’s questions, problem-solve & address objections in real-time. Real-Time Agent Guidance empowers agents, bringing instant answers to customer questions, objections & concerns right into their desktop screen. It’s the cornerstone of 5-star customer experiences, smarter agents & contact center efficiency.

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Eliminate High Costs of Agent Mistakes with Acqueon AiQ

Why isn’t agent coaching working?


Average # of coaching sessions before agents change behavior



% of Managers who coach multiple agents (at different times) on the exact same skill


35 Mins.

Average time Managers spend with an agent in every coaching session


What Happens When You Start Using Real-Time Agent Guidance & Coaching Software?

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Increase in Conversions

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Increase in CSAT

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Faster Ramp Time

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Reduction in Avg. Handle Time per Call

Want to improve the results of Collections campaigns?

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If you’re thinking Real-Time Conversational Intelligence sounds too good to be true… think again.

It’s the magic sauce of contact center ROI and proven to make every agent a top performer.