Acqueon Epic EHR Integration for Five9 Agent Experience & IVA

Acqueon's Epic EHR integration for Five9 creates unmatched patient engagement & revenue cycle outcomes, all while lowering costs in the contact centers for hospitals and healthcare providers. Powered by our exclusive pre-built API hub for Epic & fully IVA-enabled, Acqueon’s Epic Connector for Five9 redefines the potential of contact center ROI and patient satisfaction.


Acqueon & Five9 Solution Highlights


Five9 Accredited Reseller Partner

Acqueon is a Five9 accredited independent software vendor. As of 2022, Acqueon is proud to be a new reseller partner too!



Give patients the convenience and efficiency of customized self-service options in the Five9 IVA.


Two Powerful Ways to Use the Epic EHR Integration

Give live agents and patients using self-service functions the power of complete patient data access within Epic.

Agility & Ease of Use

Using Acqueon, healthcare organizations & agents have simple, smooth workflows for the most-common Epic modules: Scheduling, Pharmacy (Prescription & Refills), Referrals & Triage. Plus, agents work within the Five9 desktop for single-screen access to the entire Five9 agent toolset.


Four High-Power Workflows

Increase appointment revenue, reduce missed appointment costs & wastage, improve collection rates & achieve higher LTV from improved patient satisfaction & retention.


Scheduling Workflow

Patients can schedule, reschedule, or cancel (with an agent or using self-service).


Referral Workflow

Patients can be forgetful. Now, agents can help them accomplish important referral tasks & manage appointments.


Pharmacy Workflow

Agents can easily help patients fulfill new prescriptions or refills, send medications to the pharmacy, or have them delivered.


Triage Workflow

Virtual care at its best! Agents can automatically identify who’s calling and easily get a 360-degree-view of patient information, the patient journey, family & surgery history, immunizations & medications.

5-Star Patient Experience Transformation


Built for Comprehensive Compliance

The Acqueon Epic Integration was built with compliance in mind. No data is stored, ensuring the safety and security of all patient data—for both live-agent and IVA interactions.

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Put an End to Missed Appointments

Engaging patients end-to-end during their patient journey drives better health outcomes and increases revenue. With smart reminders for upcoming appointments and the ability to book, change, or cancel appointments online, patients are more likely to adhere to what’s scheduled on their calendar—enabling better care outcomes and satisfaction overall.

Acqueon vs. Other Solutions: There’s Really No Comparison

★★★★★ Acqueon EHR Connector

Alternative Solutions

Flexible/Complete Patient Engagement

Enables top four Epic module workflows (Scheduling, Referrals, Pharmacy & Triage + coming soon...Billing!)

Lacks agility to address evolving or advanced patient engagement use cases; constrained by pre-developed scripts

Self-Service Capabilities

Fully customized self-service options w/ our proprietary API Hub that enables seamless 3rd-party access to EHR data

Limited self-service capabilities due to a hard-coded, pre-configured IVR/IVA front- end w/ no 3rd-party data access

Business Agility

Unmatched agility powered by a fully built-out API structure to access EHR data. APIs for any new/modified use-cases can built & deployed fast (without IT support).

Restricted agility; pivots or changes to engagement strategy/processes restrained by a pre-configured front-end. EHR data not already built into front-end isn't accessible.