Contact Center Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Provide amazing experiences to every patient, every time. Activate a proactive patient engagement transformation with your existing contact center & Acqueon.

Powering Proactive Patient Engagement, Revenue Cycle Operations & Digital Demand

Built-in Comprehensive Compliance

360° Patient View & Data

Acqueon’s platform for patient engagement gives agents one simple-to-use screen & easy access to complete patient data for effective outbound contact center campaigns.

Speed to Market & Cost Efficiency

Speed to Market & Cost Efficiency

Leverage existing tech; Acqueon is platform-agnostic and integrates with your existing Contact Center/EHR. Fast, easy set up & deployment requires near-zero IT resources.


Built-in Comprehensive Compliance

Ensure safety & security of patient data while preventing compliance risk with our unmatched compliance suite for HIPAA, TCPA, DNC, GDPR, OfCom & much more.


Manage the Complete Patient Journey Proactively

Five-star patient engagement starts from the very first interaction. Proactive engagement enables deeper provider/patient relationships for a healthier patient population. Patients expect a “consumerized’ healthcare experience; meet that demand with an advanced outbound contact center campaigns. Get a complete omnichannel campaign solution that leverages your existing contact center & EHR. If extraordinary engagement at every step of the patient journey is your goal…just add Acqueon.

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Transform Patient Outcomes with Seamless Epic EHR Access

Layer in Acqueon’s Epic EHR Connector & pre-built Epic API Hub and give contact center agents seamless workflows for Epic’s top four modules: Scheduling, Pharmacy, Referrals & Triage (plus a new API for Epic’s Billing Workflow on the way!). Enable seamless data-flow between patients, agents, Epic & other 3rd-party patient data sources. Bring Epic workflows and data into your preferred desktop, giving agents a 360-degree view of the complete patient journey & medical history.

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Omnichannel for Better Health Outcomes + Max Revenue & Retention

Communicate with patients using voice, SMS/text, email & self-service. Deploy live or automated outbound campaigns via a patient’s preferred channel at the time they’re most likely to engage. ROI Bonus: automate changes in strategy based on patient responses!

Increase appointment revenue, reduce missed appointment costs & wastage, improve collection rates & achieve higher LTV from improved patient satisfaction & retention.

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End the Missed Appointment Madness

Engaging patients end-to-end during their patient journey drives better health outcomes. With smart reminders for upcoming appointments and the ability to book, change, or cancel appointments online, patients are more likely to adhere to what’s scheduled on their calendar. Acqueon’s SMS and email appointment reminders help patients stay on track with their care plan while enabling better outcomes and satisfaction overall.

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Deliver Value-Based Care

Taking a programmatic and automated approach to patient communication helps healthcare providers, hospitals and physicians, deliver the value-based care trifecta: improved patient satisfaction, lower costs & risk reduction. Acqueon’s Conversational Engagement Platform accelerates implemention and efficacy of value baesd careefwith automated workflows, sequencing &intelligent campaign chaining.

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Redefining the Patient Journey - PROVIDER

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