Thanks for your interest in Acqueon's brand new Partner Engage Program!

The Partner Engage Program will help you land, expand & generate tons of new business with outbound campaign management and proactive customer outreach/engagement.

Here's what you'll get now that you're a Partner Engage Program A-LISTER:

  • Sales enablement "workshops" every month: these are no obligation, casual and interactive "office hours" style— attend to get deal support or lead-gen/pipeline help from Acqueon Sales, Pre Sales, Marketing & Product experts. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THESE WORKSHOPS AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN!
  • High-impact new partner webinar series: we're bringing you thought leadership, trends and strategies you can action to learn more and grow more with Conversational AI, Outbound Campaign Orchestration and Target-Vertical Selling.
  • Highly requested new Sales and Marketing materials: we've created two brand new asset kits complete with customer use case stories, PPT slides/decks, brochures, videos, ebooks, infographics, battlecards & more. WHY all this new content? Because you asked (and when our partners ask, we do our very best to deliver!)

We hope you enjoy these plus so many more benefits of our brand new Partner Engage Program.

Have suggestions or feedback about how we can make this program even more valuable for you? Let us know!

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